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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rest week - Day #4

I'm on my 4th complete day off from training. It is kind of nice to not have to run around like a crazy girl to get all my training accomplished, but I still miss it.

What is surprising is my body hurts like hell while I'm not doing anything. Matt tells me that this is normal and since I have no point of reference, I truly thank him for lending me his experience. I suppose you notice the hurting more when you don't have any reason it should be hurting that day. I guess in some ways, I always hurt a little, but I usually can attribute it to a tough training session. Before I know it, I'll be back to training, so I'll just enjoy this time, aches and all.

Another plus to being off is I won't have to miss my 2 favorite sitcoms tonight - "My Name is Earl" and "The Office". Last year, they were on at 9 PM, but tonight they premiere at 8 PM. I hope that isn't their regular slot, because I might have to give up Thursday night Yoga for good (note, I haven't been to that class since March). I know that Ironman training and general well being are a priority, but I really only have these 2 shows and "Lost" as my "have to see" TV shows. I know "Excuses, excuses"! Maybe I'll have to look into getting a DVR for my DirecTV. : )


Blogger E-Speed said...

I gave up cable and it is so nice most of the time but occasionally I miss Scrubs. I may have to buy all the seasons on DVD.

9:01 AM

Anonymous Sam said...

I will be sitting on the couch tonight at 7:55 waiting patiently for my two favorite shows as well!

I'm not much of a TV-goer either, but how can you not love The Office and Earl? :)

9:27 AM

Blogger Jodi said...

I love The Office! Never seem to watch it, though. Maybe I'll get a week off someday too. As much as I DREAD that. Why do we triathletes have such a hard time resting? That's why I need Anglela. As long as someone I trust tells me to do (or not do) something I'll oblige.



11:39 AM


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