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Sunday, September 28, 2008

65 mile ride!

I've mentioned before that my friend Hallie is a budding triathlete. She's really caught the bug, especially on the bike. A few weeks ago we rode 50 miles (her longest ride in mid-July was 24 miles), but it only whetted her desire for more. So, I agreed to ride to Brecksville and back with her from N. Chagrin (a 65 mile ride) yesterday.

She rocked! The course threw some pretty daunting hills at us, but she tackled them like a champ with nary a complaint. This girl is tough! And, apparently, I haven't lost any fitness either.

My neck and back were complaining by the time we topped the last hill 4 hours after we started though. I told her that I hoped she wouldn't up the ante in another few weeks. We then headed out to a local restaurant for some well-deserved pancake, eggs, breakfast meat and starch of choice meal! That's why we do this, right? ; )


Blogger triguyjt said...

great ride!!!!

we oughta warn all the competitors about hallie, right???

she might be kicking some big time butt in tri's

8:21 PM


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