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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ironman pictures

Here are the pictures leading up to Ironman, the day of Ironman and some after it is over. I have not gotten the tattoo yet (will get it in late September after my last triathlon), so pictures will have to wait until then.

Our super support crew: Maggie (Matt's sister) and her boyfriend Brad

Our super support crew: Matt's mom (Jean) and dad (Bill)

Our super support crew: Joe and Sam (so inspired they signed up for next year's race!)

Matt, Paula (my training partner rocked the course in 14:07!) and me

Me at the expo

Matt and me with two CTC guys (Rob and Rob)

Me with my bike in transition area

Matt with his bike in transition area

Matt and me in transition area

Matt and me on race morning(note our fondness for this pose)

Ironman swim (courtesy of Sam and Joe)


Me on the first loop of the bike (official race photo)

Me at the halfway point of the bike (courtesy of Sam and Joe)

Me on the second loop of the bike (official race photo - note arm warmers position)

Me starting the run (official race photo)

Me, walking the hill towards end of first loop (courtesy of Sam and Joe)

Me at finish line (official race photo)

Finisher photo (official race photo - note funny tan lines)

Matt, me and some glorious pizza (courtesy of Sam and Joe)

Me, relaxing and reading Harry Potter the day after (ah, the good life)

Matt, outside the Olympic center (we're still walking)

First celebratory ice cream of the day

Second celebratory ice cream of the day with our support crew

Fabulous cheese stick 5 days after race (yes, we are wearing our finisher shirts again)

Matt with his big burger from Burger's N Beer (it was on our post-IM list)


Blogger Dying Water Buffalo said...

Yay, first comment :) NICE PICTURES!! I love the one of you coming into town around the corner on the bike. You're leaning into the turn all Tour de France style... minus the EPO. You captured the entire weekend so well! I love the Mozzy cheeze stix and Harry potter :)

4:58 PM

Blogger The Scott Family said...

great pictures! .... makes me even more want to do one ... I want that tattoo! :)

12:55 AM

Blogger GP said...

How great to have such a big support group for such a huge event!

You looked so strong throughout the race — way to be an Iron[wo]man and photogenic all at the same time!

Congrats again on such a monumental achievement!

9:38 AM

Blogger E-Speed said...

you are too damn cute. I love the bike photos. It is a big reminder of the difficulties you faced and overcame with your fancy wheel on the back and your loaner on the front.

10:41 AM

Blogger Craig said...

Nice pictures Ironman!

3:39 PM

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Great pictures!!!

I love the tan lines! I had some on my legs from the bike...I was like, HUH??!?!?!! IT RAINED ALL DAY! Crazy!!!

What a great crew cheering you on!

MMMMM. Cheese sticks.

5:48 PM

Blogger Deirdre said...

You look awesome!! I love the finisher picture. Great job, Jen -- bask in your accomplishment!

7:34 AM

Blogger Jen H said...

fantastic photos!! You and Matt sure make a ridiculously good looking couple (Zoolander) ... and very fit too :)

8:51 PM

Blogger Iron Eric said...

Wow. You really make this Ironman experience look fun. Looks like the family and friends had a good time too. Congratulations!

10:48 AM


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