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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trainer rides and dentist visits

I had a dentist appointment at 10:15 AM this morning, so I decided to take the morning off rather than coming downtown just to drive back out to Willoughby. That meant I got to sleep in! I stayed in bed until 6:30 AM. My husband came in, poked me and said "Are you going to sleep all day?" It's one of our jokes, but of course, I wasn't going to sleep all day.

I got up, said hello to the cats, put on my Ipod and bike shoes and hopped onto the Computrainer. Today's schedule called for a 75-minute aerobic paced ride, but I decided to do Thursday's 90-minute aerobic paced ride instead because I had more time (means I get to sleep in until 4:30 on Thursday - woo hoo!). Now, I know this is supposed to be an easy ride to keep the blood flowing, but not tax my legs. I have such a hard time obeying this on the Computrainer though. I think it is because I see the miles per hour, watts, etc. and I challenge myself to keep a certain level of each. Of course, I should be paying the most attention to my heart rate. I did manage to keep it aerobic, but it probably wasn't the leisurely ride my coach had intended.

Even on a Computrainer with rocking tunes, the time just drags by. I am dreading the Sunday morning trainer rides, but like all things, I'm sure I will get used to it. Last year, it became a ritual to ride for 2 to 2 1/2 hours on the Computrainer, throw on winter running clothes over my sweaty body and then head out the door for a 30 to 40 minute brick run. Once home, Matt or I would make me a bagel with peanut butter on it and a glass of chocolate milk. I'd enjoy these treats while sitting in a cold bath for 20 minutes followed by a hot shower that was never hot enough. Ah, memories! I guess you got to do what you got to do to become a long course athlete even if that means long trainer rides, cold runs and even colder baths. Back to my trainer ride today though. The very last song I heard was "Hurts so Good" by John Mellencamp. I don't think he meant crotch pain from sitting on a trainer for 90 minutes. : ) It did propel me to the finish of my ride.

So, then I headed to my dentist appointment. It is a new dentist for me. I swore I wouldn't keep going to the guy in Medina, even though I like him, because it is just too far. Ironman athletes can't afford the time to drive over an hour one way to a dentist appointment. Stacy (a CTC member and training partner) recommended the place, because her roommate was one of the dentists and it just happened to be in my new hometown.

The office was in a shopping plaza and the "rooms" were merely separated by dividers, but they had high tech equipment and friendly, knowledgeable staff. They took x-rays and video snap shots, which showed that I've been grinding my teeth and it probably has been going on for many years. I have literally put small cracks in my teeth that have allowed cavities to form UNDER my fillings. Of course, the fillings are at least 20 years old and silver, which didn't help matters. And, the grinding has pushed my molars out of place, which is destroying my gums. Fun! So, now I have to have 4 molars fixed, but first, I have to get my bite problem under control. I go back again in 2 weeks. Wish me luck! I also have to give up chewing gum (my one true addiction). Yes, it sucks, but at least I am fortunate enough to have dental insurance to fix these problems up. And, I am not in danger of losing my teeth. It is probably good I switched dentists (he never noticed the bite problem). On another positive note, the hygienist and dentist were very impressed with my dental hygiene. Got that going for me at least!


Blogger TriSaraTops said...

I would TOTALLY be the same way with a computrainer--ha ha! The Garmin 305 makes me go, "Hmmmm...I bet I can do the next mile faster..."

Funny that your little ritual is almost dead-on mine! Right down to the PB. :)

7:39 PM

Anonymous Sam said...

I've been meaning to schedule a dentist appointment now...for the past 8 months! Oops. Guess I should call.

Glad you had a nice sleep in!

8:31 AM

Blogger Jodi said...

I'm actually kind of glad I don't have a computrainer because I'd be the same way. I'm sure my aerobic rides are way slow. When I run with the Garmin I have to turn off the pacing and distance functions otherwise I get frustrated. Why do we have to be so competitive with ourselves???


8:40 AM

Blogger Papa Louie said...

Trainer rides and dentist visit both sound painful. Hopefully, you get used to the rides and the dentist can fix you up well.

2:03 PM

Blogger qcmier said...

I could get you some really nice magazines to read while you're on the trainer. =)

12:53 AM


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