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Monday, August 20, 2007


I know I've been MIA. Work has been super busy, plus I really don't have that much that is interesting to write about.

I have been questioning myself whether I feel blue that Ironman is over. And the answer is "not at all." Having gone through IM with Matt 3 times before, I was used to pre and post IM feelings (even if I hadn't raced it). Plus, Matt managed me very well. He set up a list of things to do after Ironman and we are enjoying checking the items off. Further, I still have two fun races left this year (Dances with Dirt and the Pineman Half), plus 2 5ks with my girlfriends who just started running. Finally, we are going to Hawaii in November.

Nope, not bummed about Ironman being over. After all, it is only a race and it is only one day. Lots of good races and days left ahead!!

On a kind of related note, congrats to Charlie on his first Ironman finish in the U.K.! Charlie, you are an Ironman!


Blogger Matt Collister said...

Just another race...but a big one and an accomplishment to be very proud of (as I know you are)! I am enjoying checking off the items on our list. It's nice to do things that don't involve swimming biking and running.

8:35 AM

Blogger GP said...

There are things to do other than swim, bike and run? Hee hee.

I'm still pumped about your IM... and when I start getting wimpy with any aspect of my training, I think, "Well, Jen kicked IM's butt, what am I crabbing about?" It's a monumental accomplishment that has even bigger ripple affects.

You're an inspiration. And sometimes being an inspiration gets exhausting. So, don't think of it as being down... you're just recovering from being so darn good!

4:40 PM

Blogger Jen H said...

I'm guessing that you and Matt almost feel like you're back to the just starting to date scene ... you're finding all of these "new" and fun things to do together--things that haven't been part of your vocabulary for a good year!!

You both have certainly earned it all--glad to hear you're enjoying the time together!! :)

9:12 AM

Blogger Mallie said...

I think post-race "what now" is normal, especially after something as monumental as Ironman. Enjoy the time with Matt.

5:04 AM

Blogger Charlie said...

Thanks Jen.
Still trying to make a new plan.

8:37 PM

Blogger sue said...


9:52 AM


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