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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Willpower gone or just hibernating?

Last October, I made the commitment to eat healthier not only for Ironman training, but also to lower my cholesterol. Since then, I've done fairly well and an unexpected result was losing about 8 pounds.

But, since Ironman finished, my willpower is gone. Diet amnesty day is turning into diet amnesty month. Thankfully, I'm still training, but my weight is starting to creep back up. Now, many would say that I was probably too thin just before Ironman, but I need to find the reins before I head north of where I was before. Plus, I am curious to see if my avoidance of most things fried has helped with the cholesterol readings at all. I better get to a doctor soon.


Blogger E-Speed said...

I am glad you let yourself go a bit, you definitely earned it. Looking forward to our run tonight!

2:30 PM

Blogger Jodi said...

That makes 2 of us!!!!

5:03 PM

Blogger GP said...

Training and living isn't worth the hardwork is you can't reward yourself! And considering that I gave myself a couple cupcakes for a 5K, you have plenty coming your way ;-)

But cholesterol is a tricky thing (as many TV commercials have taught us). I exercise plenty, I generally don't eat meat or fried foods, and I have no family history, but I have high cholesterol! So, I'm on a quest to figure it all out. If I learn anything, I'll pass it on!

10:16 AM

Blogger Kate said...

You were looking pretty thin, so I wouldn't worry too much- I'm sure the healthy eating fairy will visit you again soon (and when she does, send her my way!!)

12:46 AM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Babe, you were thin. I don't think a few extra pounds would hurt. My willpower has been lacking as well...I always have an excuse. Guess I will not be wearing my skimpy summer clothes much longer anyways!!

10:34 AM

Blogger Mallie said...

Jen...a couple extra pounds would probably do you good. GRRRRRR! :)

Hope the cholesterol check goes OK.

4:59 AM


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