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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I subject Matt to all kinds of strange shows and mostly, he gets into them too. I love the Japanese obstacle type game shows - first, it was MXC, then Ninja Warrior and now it is Unbeatable Bansuke.

In the U.S., we didn't have any current shows like that until American Gladiators came back. I now must find a way to get myself on that show. Of course, I'll need to bulk up and train differently. And, I have other plans for 2008, so this will have to be a long-term goal.

The gladiators on the show all have one-word names and over-the-top personalities. My husband recently posted to the CTC forum "If you were an American Gladiator, what would your name be and what would be your schtick?" I've thought about it and my name would be Fart and I would pretend to fart on people after I tackled them. Just kidding!

One of the actual gladiators is from Cleveland. Her real name is Valerie and she owns a fabulous health food restaurant in downtown Cleveland called Octane. Her gladiator name is Siren and I think she actually looks like a female unlike the other "ladies" in the cast. Of course, I'm probably biased because she's from here. What do you think?

Well, if I can't get on Gladiators, I may shoot for Unbeatable Bansuke!! Then, I'll have to work on my Japanese (currently nonexistent) as well!