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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday moment of zen

My cat, Jack, pretending to be a prairie dog! : ) It makes me laugh every time I see it.


Blogger Mallie said...

Cute pic. Yesterday after my run, as I was on the floor trying to stretch I had a 10 pound cat and a 65 pound dog vying for a spot in my lap. Crazy beasties.

Keep up the good work on those swims. It will all gel soon and you'll not only get the distance, but the speed as well!

9:03 AM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Oh so funny...what was kitty thinking???

You just got to love our lil animals!

9:18 AM

Blogger E-Speed said...

awwe I love it when they do that! Our friends cat would stand like that and then whenever the dog walked by it would box with it :) Hilarious!

10:37 AM

Blogger Eric said...

Has Jack been reading Bolders blog and wants to become the Prairie Dawg Leader?


10:49 AM

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

That is hysterical!!!!

Too cute!

12:15 PM


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