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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Those that know me well would describe me as "always prepared", "motherly", "anal" (in an affectionate way), "organized", etc. I am an actuary and believe in contingency planning. I'm the girl who has sunscreen, extra shirt, extra underwear, lotion, facial wipes, bug spray, etc.

I even have a mantra I say in my head each night as I'm preparing for the next day. It goes "underwear, socks, bra, shirt, pants, shoes". I go through my work clothes and each workout's clothes to make sure each necessary item is there. It has worked quite well for me until today.

My husband is so fabulous and I'm very spoiled. Often, he takes care of all of the laundry by himself. He won't wash my bras though, because I think he fears ruining them. So, they build up in a pile until I break down and wash them. I'm now at the bottom of the barrel - all bras are either fancy, uncomfortable or not really fit for wearing. Last night, I thought I grabbed a fancy bra to wear to work, and I did, but it turned out to be a strapless one. D'oh! Talk about not comfortable!

So, I threw on my sports bra before lunch. Only problem is it doesn't quite "hide" under my black shirt and it is hot pink. I have 3,000 black sports bras (hyperbole), but I didn't pack any of them. So, I'm hoping my hair stays over it until I can change for my walk tonight. If not, oh well. My co-workers already think I'm strange. : )


Blogger Mallie said...

Ha! I love it. I think we all have a story or two like this. Hot pink in the actuary. I bet you boggled a few minds!

6:27 AM

Blogger SkiRough said...

Ha! :)

I've worn a sports bra to work before as well, which was interesting. I felt very "flat."

10:17 AM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...


I am forver forgetting and losing random stuff!

4:28 PM


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