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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

R4R pictures

Thanks to Trephina and Debbie for sending me these pictures!

Here is the group of CTC athletes post-race:

Trephina, TriEric, me and Debbie (check out our age group hardware and our matching hats):

Trephina, me and Debbie (a few of Angela's girls):


Blogger DaisyDuc said...

CTC is representing!!!

9:05 AM

Blogger GP said...

It kicked butt to go to the game! Sure, it would have been awesome to get a win, but I'm still energized by how far they've come. I think they should get a ticker-tape parade. As should you after your Iroman in less than 40 days!

On a separate note: your tire-changing session is for Cleveland Tri Club? I'll have to get more in the know and be less of a tri-loner one of these days. Plus, you know, it's always good to learn the right way to do things!

1:03 PM


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