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Friday, June 08, 2007

Post-Ironman list

Matt has been compiling a list in MS Word that contains all of the things we want to do after Ironman is over. I throw an item on the list every now and then. It is nice to have stuff to look forward to after Ironman is over. I'm afraid that I won't know what to do with myself. This race has been consuming my thoughts/life for almost a year now.

An item that isn't on the list but probably should be is "Find something else to talk about besides Ironman". I swear I have become the most boring person on the planet. I went to the Indians' game yesterday with a client who also is one of my good friends. I quickly noticed that she had no interest in talking about Ironman (seriously, what non-triathlete does), but then I realized that I had NOTHING else to talk about. We resorted to discussing the season finale of Lost.

I guess we'll have to go find fun Jen again in 44 days! : )


Blogger Mallie said...

We have the same problem with non-cycling friends. They get ever sooooooo tired constantly hearing the bulk of our group go on and on about training, racing, yadda yadda! I think you're pretty fun as is.

9:50 AM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

It is tough. At least you and your husband both share the passion for triathlon.

I talk about it often with my husband and he tries to be interested as I try with him and his gun/ shotting matches...which I also don't really get into!

I like the list idea!

9:57 AM

Blogger Jodi said...

What to do after Ironman? Another Ironman of course!


Just kidding. I'm actually glad that school is starting in a big way because it should lessen the withdrawl symptoms


2:22 PM

Blogger Jen H said...

I think you're plenty interesting ... I don't remember a lull in our conversation when you were here--and we didn't just talk IM or training.


2:33 PM

Blogger Matt Collister said...

After 5 or 6 you just accept that you're a boring person :)

5:21 PM

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

I will have to send you the recipe I have for Gingerbread Waffles. They are to DIE FOR. The 2 weekends after Ironman, I got up and made a nice big breakfast with them. Mmmmmmmmmm. Sleeping in past 5am and waffles....

I'm getting so excited for you!

5:38 PM

Blogger Mallie said...

I want that recipe, too, Sara!

8:57 AM

Blogger Kate said...

I want those waffles too- please post it! We should start some sort of tri-recipe blog- share our favourite pre-training, pre-race, recovery and celebration meals..

It must be great looking to post-IM, and at 44 days to go, I bet it's starting to seem more than real- more like inevitable!

6:05 PM

Blogger E-Speed said...

I hope the race went well yesterday!!! Can't wait to hear about it Thursday. (totally forgot I am racing Wednesday, WTH was I thinking?)

12:23 PM


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