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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is there something to this?

My yoga instructor talks of the Yin and the Yang often. He says that the right side of your body is the masculine side and the left is the feminine side. He then says that if you have pain on one side of your body that you may have issues with the parent of that sex.

My right side has been messed up for years now. Piriformis, IT band, hamstring, ... you name it. I love my father, but sometimes we do have issues.

Take for example, this conversation we had last week:

Dad: "Anything new?"
Me: " I did my race."
Dad: "You got a raise?" (not his fault, the connection wasn't the best)
Me: "No, I did my Ironman race."
Dad: "So, when is the hip and knee surgery?"

Seriously, is it too much to ask for my father to actually be beaming with pride over his daughter doing such a feat? Instead, I get the fatherly 'you'll pay for this endeavor later' type of speech. A few years ago when I got serious about triathlon, he said "You're becoming quite a jock in your old age." I didn't know whether to be offended by the jock comment or the old age comment. : )

Dad, if you are reading this, it is okay that you don't get my chosen hobby. I still love you! I'm sorry I didn't wrangle a visit with you when you were in western Ohio last weekend. (and, I promise I'm not saying that to get my hamstring to stop nagging me)


Blogger B Bop said...

I've wondered about my recurring left hamstring strains and blame it on an opposed to parent. Better than blaming myself for overuse, I suppose.

Ever worry yourself sick?? High stress leads to illness, evidence of this mind-body connection. Need more evidence?? I'm sure you noticed your mindset during your IM taper.....

10:34 PM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Hmmm, ponderous. Mine is always my left side. I guess I always have always got along better with members of the opposite sex!!!

3:41 PM

Blogger Jen H said...

Funny ... Stef and I were just talking about something similar. Apparently, my dad will gush pride and joy about me to other people (like her), but doesn't ever say anything like that to me. Instead, he prefers to constantly tell me what I should be doing and how--everything from cooking to gardening to house repairs. Sigh.

So, it's interesting that I was having significant right ankle pain last summer (just a little this summer) to the point I could barely walk by the end of the day. Hmmmm.

2:09 PM

Blogger Steve said...

Does your dad and mine have a pow wow before talking to us about the things we're dong? When I told my dad that I was training for a marathon for LLS Team in Training he said... "Little heavy to be a runner aren't you?" Yeah I probably was, and am still working on getting my weight down to a more appropriate "running" weight, but that isn't the way to motivate people.... at least you and I are learning by example of how NOT to motivate our future children. right?

4:06 PM


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