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Thursday, August 30, 2007

It had to happen sooner or later

My training pal Paula calls me "Mountain Goat" and "Gazelle" when we run trails together. No, I'm not a fast runner, but I can power up hillsides, glide between roots and run pell mell down steep sections without fear.

Well, yesterday, I was out for a trail run with some members from the triathlon club. I started talking to one guy about non-Ironman Iron distance races (found some cool ones, but don't know if my slow self could abide running solo for hours - the participant count is generally around 100-200 in these races). Anyway, I wasn't paying attention and tripped on a root (thankfully, it was a flat section and not downhill).

As I was falling, I thought "you should really have a falling plan", but I had none. I skidded along the ground. One palm got scraped up (had bleeding stigmata later), one palm got badly bruised and my left knee is scraped and bruised. My husband was up ahead, so they pulled him back to check me out. I asked him for some water for my palms and started running again. Can't be a wimp, right?

I actually ended up having one of my best runs ever on that trail. After though, my one palm was swollen as was my knee. A little homecooking from my hubby and some carefully applied ice helped tremendously. I made the decision to not go swim this morning to give myself a chance to heal.

On the plus side, my hamstring didn't bother me at all on yesterday's run! Woo hoo! I guess I should be a little more careful for the next few runs, so I arrive at Dances with Dirt next weekend in good shape!


On an unrelated note, stop over on Court's page to congratulate her on a stellar Ironman Louisville Kentucky debut! She got 2 flats and still became Iron. Congrats!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something about falling while trail running always makes me feel super cool and tough. Like I'm doing something dangerous and have accomplished something BIG! :-)

Good luck on your race. Hope you get nice and dirty.


1:19 PM

Blogger Jen H said...

Glad to hear that you didn't get any big injuries (although I'm sure you're sore today). You're so much tougher than I am ... that would have been my ticket back to the car for the ride home!!

2:06 PM

Blogger Charlie said...

Be careful out there. Good idea to practice falling..?

What races are you looking into? Loovul is still open.......

11:14 PM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Well, ya can't run trails and not expect to go down at some point!!!

Way to dust yourself off and keep going!!! Look out Dances with Dirt, this chick is tough!

10:55 AM

Blogger JenC said...

Charlie, I'm not doing an Ironman again anytime soon. I've got to focus on my job for awhile. But, I'm always looking to the future!

12:08 PM

Blogger GP said...

Best of all, it sounds like you still had your pride in tact. I took a similar spill a couple months ago — only I didn't have a root or any obstacle than my clumsiness as an excuse — and I left my pride out on the sidewalk along OH-59. In fact, it might still be there. I'm glad you recovered well!

But now that you mention it, I think I need a falling plan as well...

4:59 PM

Blogger qcmier said...

Glad your spill wasn't any worse. Yeah let me know if you set up some time to practice falling while trail running. I could use that course. Good luck at DWD.

10:22 PM


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