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Sunday, September 09, 2007

M-dot thoughts?

Well, I'm in Atlanta now. Dances with Dirt was a blast as usual! The girls and I had a lot of fun, I ran strong on all of my legs, we got eaten alive by mosquitoes and I itch all over, but most of all, my super hubby did his first 50k! More details and pictures of the day to come, but for now, I've got an off topic question.

Where should I put my m-dot tattoo? I had been thinking of putting it in the middle of my back just above my pants line, but today, I started thinking back of shoulder instead (and not because I was told that the spine area was totally painful). I had been hesitant to put it somewhere where it could be seen while wearing formal wear. Then, I realized that I hate strapless dresses and at 35, I probably won't be forced to wear one (a la bridesmaid wear). I can easily hide the tattoo in formal or business dress, but show it off when I want to do so.

Part of my hesitation though is looking like I'm bragging about being an Ironman. I didn't mind talking about my race before it happened, but now that I've done it, I feel weird bringing it up (which is funny, because my friend Suzi and I always said that if we ever had the nerve to do an Ironman, we'd get the damn tattoo on our forehead). It was my personal victory and most people give two shits less. I've been hesitant to wear my finisher's gear also. But, you know what? Fuck that! I earned that gear, not from my one-day experience, but through months of long, hard training.

The best part of getting this tattoo though is doing it with my husband. He already has an m-dot tattoo (note that no one would ever call him a braggart - with 7 Ironman finishes, he certainly could be, but he remains a humble guy), so he's getting something else personal to him. We've decided to get each other the tattoo as our birthday gift to each other and we're doing it on the weekend in-between our 36th birthdays (September 29). I hope I can handle the pain!

So, what do y'all think? Middle of lower back or back of shoulder or somewhere else?


Blogger Matt Collister said...

Wear your shirt and your tat with pride. You earned every stitch and needle poke of it.

10:11 PM

Blogger E-Speed said...

I'm biased but I prefer lower back because then no one sees it unless you want them to. I guess that could be the same with the shoulder though. I also prefer lower back because for some reason I believe that if I ever get fat and stretch that's the last place I will gain weight :)

10:17 PM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

How cute to get them at the same time! Hmmm, I say if you don't like strappy formal dresses go for the shoulder!

When you get the tat, keep talking, and suck on something sugary or drink OJ right before.
Generally people pass out because of low blood sugar levels.. not because of pain.

12:14 PM

Anonymous kbossert said...

I vote for the lower back. I'm with e-speed- I think that's the best shot of keeping its actual size/shape. And, it's always a fun surprise as a massage therapist to see the tattoos on the back when we pull the sheet back. :)

1:27 PM

Blogger Mallie said...

Jen. First, I'm so sorry my illness kept us from meeting this weekend. I promise the next time you're in Hotlanta, we'll paint the town red. I'm just now getting my stuffing back after a relapse on Saturday.

2nd. The lower back tat doesn't hurt that bad. It's your choice. Just know you've earned placing the tat anywhere you want. Including the middle of your forehead...though I think that would really hurt!!!

5:38 AM

Blogger Kim said...

i have a bullseye tat (ah, the college years) and it's great bc i forget it's there unless i'm wearing low-rise pants or a bikini. it didnt hurt terribly when i had it done, but i did pass out, but that was because i drank a quart of vodka the night before and had thrown up all over the place. so my sugggestion...go bullseye baby!

12:59 PM


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