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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pulling a Stevie

I call my friend and fellow Lake Placid Ironman finisher, Paula, "Stevie", because when we ride our bikes her head swivels back and forth the whole time. "Did you see the lovely trellis on that house?" My response "There was a house?"

I borrowed this from TriguyJT.

I think it is refreshing that she isn't so die hard focused to ignore the beautiful surroundings. I am afraid of crashing though. : ) But today, I rode my bike at a leisurely pace and took in the beauty of the surroundings. There is this tree farm on the way to Mill Road from N. Chagrin that I absolutely LOVE! I swear it makes me happy every time I see it. Maybe I was meant to be a tree farmer and not an actuary?

In other news, I signed up for the Cleveland half-marathon. I thought my one friend would need a pacer, but she doesn't, so I might shoot for a PR (faster than 2:02:41). I haven't specifically been training for this race, but I am trained well enough. Heck, last year, I got the above PR after riding 5 hours and running 45 minutes the day before.

So, would you think that I'd take Saturday off to rest up for the race? Nah, that's not like me. Instead, I shall meet up with some cool people for a 3-hour bike ride of the GCT course on Saturday morning. 3 hours is less than 5, right? Should still have a chance at a PR. We'll see...


Blogger triguyjt said...

The stevie reference is hilarious... and i am afraid, thats me too...i am always checking out the scenery.

Good luck sunday...I guess the Half has become a very popular distance.... other than Half Irons, I don't think I have ever raced this it will be exciting..
look out for the rhino in downtown!!!

3:35 PM

Blogger TrainingtoTri said...

I LOVE that tree farm too and everytime I bike past it I say - - look look at the pretty trees! And I smile. Good times.

4:19 PM

Blogger TriShannon said...

Yeah - we totally need to meet this weekend!

10:22 PM


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