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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Crazy times

Wow, I've been MIA, huh? Work has been busy and I've actually been outside training.

Last weekend, I raced the Hermes 10-miler on Saturday and bricked w/ Sam on Sunday.
The 10-miler was a tough one. It was muggy, my HR was elevated and the new course was boring. I did have a negative split, which is great given that the second half has the ascents. My average HR was 173. Who knew I could maintain that for over 90 minutes?!

The next day? I was so sore. Sam was too. You can imagine how much fun the 3-hour ride and 30-minute run was. It felt like we were biking and running through sand. I even stopped us to make sure my brake wasn't rubbing. It wasn't. Sam said during our run, while we were hobbling like old ladies, that we needed our heads examined. At least she is training for Ironman Lake Placid. I'm the one who really needs her head examined! : )

Yesterday, we biked 3.5 hours and ran 40 minutes. I actually felt much better than on Sunday. The weather was awful though. It rained from 45 minutes in until the end. My feet were so frozen that I couldn't feel them. Yes, I do need my head examined.

Today, I am meeting Sam for a 2:15 trail run at 3 PM. So, what do I do this morning? Yes, more training! I met up with TriSara for her newbies brick. It was a leisurely paced ride and I skipped the run, so hopefully, I'll be good to go for my run shortly.

In non-running news, I saw the Ironman movie yesterday with my brother. It totally rocked! When I got home, Matt showed me a movie he put together on his new computer. He put it on his blog if you want to check it out. He definitely captured my goofball nature!


Blogger Charlie said...

So what are you not training for.
What ever it is, it sounds like you are dedicated.
Keep it up, Sam should have a great race.
Maybe you can be talked into Beach to Battleship.

3:43 PM


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