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Monday, November 13, 2006

Mighty, Mighty Good Man Monday

I'm a big R&B fan. One of the songs in my Ipod is "Mighty Good Man" sung by En Vogue with Salt N Pepa. When I hear it, I think of my husband.

In the pursuit of athletic challenges, like triathlon and specifically Ironman, having good support at home is priceless. I'm in one of the special cases where both of us are training for Ironman. Of course, this is his 7th, while it is only my 1st. Still, he does most of the work inside and outside of the house. In a typical week, he cooks meals for us 4-5 nights, does the laundry, shops for groceries, unloads the dishwasher, feeds the cats, mows the lawn, washes the cars, etc.

My friends call me the Energizer Bunny, because while not fast, I can maintain the same pace for a very long time. I think that will help me at Ironman. Of course, once I stop moving, I'm ready for a shower and a nap. My husband is the true Energizer Bunny. He has this ability to get so much done with so little sleep and although he may be tired, he is almost always stoic about it. Yesterday is a perfect example. After his 2-hour bike ride, he spent over 4 hours raking/hauling leaves and mowing. We have a .25 acre lot, but it has a lot of trees on it. The pile of leaves he created puts the other neighbors' piles in our development to shame.

He is truly a mighty and good man. I love you Matt!!


Blogger Jodi said...

Does Matt have any single brothers?

10:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love you too!

10:14 PM

Anonymous Matt said...

(That was me, of course!)

10:15 PM

Anonymous trifrog said...

Is he for hire? It would give me more time to ride the computrainer...

12:05 PM


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