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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crazy Treadmill Guy

I'm lucky enough to have a free gym in the basement of my office building. It isn't fancy, but it has the basics (locker room with shower, 5 treadmills, 3 stationary bikes, 1 elliptical, some old-a$$ cybex-type machines and lots of free weights). I usually use it for weight lifting twice a week.

Almost every time I go to that gym, the crazy treadmill guy is working out. He randomly sings out loud to the tunes on his portable music player - usually only when he hears a really good song that he can't resist I guess. He runs for a long time, but he holds onto the top of the machine the ENTIRE time. I'm not quite sure why - maybe he's afraid he will fall off. Lastly, he gets off the treadmill regularly - possibly to rest, possibly for water, who knows why - but he LEAVES the treadmill belt running. Now, the machines have a pause button on them - they aren't that outdated. I wonder if he counts the total mileage on his running log?

At least he makes it entertaining for the rest of us. You've got to love the fact that he apparently doesn't care what anyone thinks. Rock on crazy treadmill guy!


Blogger Mallie said...

All of the crazies I have to deal with hang out in the pool. Crazies are scarier when wearing a speedo. Here's hoping your crazy doesn't run in a banana hammock!!!

What's on tap for this weekend?

5:36 PM

Anonymous kristenb said...

I have a crazy treadmill guy at the Y. He lets out a lot of hoots and hollers, and gives the random clap throughout his run. People are weird. I hope I don't sing loud enough that people hear me and call me the crazy treadmill girl. ha ha!

7:23 PM

Blogger TriShannon said...

Hey... I used to work out down in that gym. For a while there was a crazy, sweaty, stinky treadmill guy. He smelled so bad and would be dripping and flinging sweat everywhere. Definitely needed a minimum 1 treadmill buffer zone. :-)

Just found out we have another mutual friend. My friend Angela from the WW days, now works for Eaton and is marrying a TP guy. Crazy... I think you know all my Cleveland friends!

10:51 PM

Blogger IM Able said...

That takes a whole lotta confidence! We have a nut who uses the treadmill at my Y -- occasionally belts out SYLLABLES of word in the song, and swings his arm waaay out to the side in a grand clapping motion. Gets a little scary for the people to the left and right, since this guy is like 7 feet tall and has the reach of a pro basketball player. But he seems to be having fun, so you just gotta laugh!

6:09 AM

Blogger Jodi said...

Oh, dear. I don't know if I could watch when he tried to jump back on a moving treadmill!



7:09 AM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Oh too funny!!! I hope I am not crazy treadmill girl slinging sweat everywhere at my gym. At least there is not singing out loud or hopping off the treadmill!

You are lucky to have that place!

9:14 AM


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