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Monday, June 25, 2007


First off, let me send out a huge congratulations to my buddy/training partner Jodi! She finished her first Ironman yesterday in 12:37! Way to go! She had a steady swim, fast transitions, negative split the bike and ran the marathon in 4:35 (faster than I can go in a stand alone and she hasn't run in over a month)!


I just got back from camp last night. I took the morning off, so I plan to do the whole camp write-up at once. We'll see how long it takes. It was a full camp!

Paula and I headed up halfway to Lake Placid on Tuesday night. We stayed the night at a Holiday Inn Express where we swear there were sumo wrestlers above us. Oh well, it was still better than driving 9+ hours straight.

On Wednesday, we headed out early and arrived in Lake Placid around 12:30 PM. We had a quick lunch, went grocery shopping and unpacked before meeting the group for a short run.

Here is a picture of Paula and me before the run (we wanted a "before camp started" picture, but were too tired to take the "after camp ended" picture):

Here is a picture of our coach, Angela, before the run:

We did a short, "easy" 22-minute run and then Coach Hodska gave a short discussion including the three rules of camp. The only one I can remember and tried to take to heart was "no whining".

We had a nice dinner at the Boathouse restaurant, got ice cream at Ben & Jerry's (a trend for the week) and headed to bed. We knew the rest of camp wouldn't be so easy.


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