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Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday again

It's Monday again and I can't seem to organize my thoughts into anything cohesive, so here is some random stuff:

1) The American Gladiators finale was last night. The outcome was as I expected, although I suspect Shanay would be a better future Gladiator with her big 24-inch pythons (to borrow a phrase from Hulk Hogan).

2) Knight Rider remake premiered last night. I only saw 30 minutes, but DVR'd the rest for later. I was a little put off by the promiscuity of a couple of the main characters, but otherwise, what I saw was pretty cool.

3) I think I watch entirely too much TV. To pat myself on the back, I did do and file our taxes yesterday instead of planting myself in front of the boob tube ALL day. Matt spoils me so much that there isn't much to do around the house otherwise and I'm out of good books. Any suggestions?

4) Swimming still blows, but I do thank you for all of your nice comments. Matt watched me yesterday and said that I'm crossing over. This didn't use to be an issue, but with concentrating on everything else new in my stroke, it appears to have become one. Maybe with this newfound knowledge, I can correct appropriately.

5) I did the weights workout from the March 2008 Triathlete magazine this morning. Methinks I will be quite sore tomorrow as I'm already feeling stiff just mere hours later.

6) It's mid-year feedback time at work. Ah, formal feedback - so time consuming, yet so valuable. Mid-year is really the time when pay, bonus and promotions are seriously considered. Year-end is just a formality. I find myself more motivated in my career than ever before. I think I could actually be good at this. It helps that the people are so nice here.

7) The big presidential election is this year and I am ashamed to say that I don't know much about the candidates. I lean to the left (far left at times), but I try to make educated decisions. As a registered democrat, I'll need to decide between Hillary and Obama in the primary on 3/6. I better get educated about them soon to make an informed decision or my vote will be worthless.

8) I got totally spoiled at Valentine's Day. Matt sent me a dozen roses at work and then gave me presents (sweater, pink running gloves and a calendar with pictures of us) when I got home. Spoiled rotten, I tell ya!

That's all I've got. Must go write mid-year evaluations!


Blogger Jen H said...

few random comments (following your lead on the blog today :D)

1. Just finished a very good book--The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I definitely recommend it. Also recently read Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. Another good one.

2. I feel pretty lame about my tv addiction / enjoyment factor. When anyone asks me what my favorite show is, I usually list about 5 or 6 but then stop b/c I think I must sound like a loser! :D

3. Also did a new workout this morning ... not sure how sore I'll be tomorrow--it was an hour of pilates, then some cardio and weights.

4. I wish that my vote would have counted in the primaries (but didn't b/c Michigan was penalized for having the election early ... that was just so stupid--what's the rush??!). So, I wish you good researching ...

Happy President's Day!

1:25 PM

Blogger triguyjt said...

re: tv..days that i work dayside, i am home by about 7:15Pm..usually the E' shows are on and then Entertainment Tonight. I usually find myself half-watching but not really into any of the stuff...Why do I even have the t.v. on??/

Also, since I have been blogging more (or reading blogs) I am not reading books as much... Or, if I read, its 12 pages here, 17 there... I also would recommend the Glass Castle. Both the Bride and I loved that book.

Matt and you seem like a great couple...props to you both

1:38 PM

Blogger E-Speed said...

that is the kind of spoiling I can get behind! You should have Matt talk to my hubby before our fifth anniversary coming up this June ;)

4:04 PM

Blogger Matt Collister said...

We spoil each other, so we sort of cancel each other out.

8:24 AM

Blogger GP said...

About ten years into my competitive swimming, my coaches did underwater video analysis of my stroke and found I was pulling all wrong. They told me what to do and how to change it, but I don't think I really changed my stroke or felt its benefits for a few months. When you've been swimming one way for so long, I think it's hard to make those "quick and simple" changes. It's almost inevitable (for me) to keep that changed stroke the whole time you swim. So, just like anything else, you just have to keep it up. Eventually it will become the natural order of things and you'll be cruising...

1:32 PM


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