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Saturday, March 22, 2008


While swimming on Thursday morning, I had to get out to make a quick bathroom stop (peeing in the pool is not acceptable).

When I got back, this dude (who happens to be a swim coach at CSU and always gives swim tips to Sam because he thinks she is hot) and I have this conversation:

Dude: "While you were gone, I asked your friend about your tattoo. Did you really get it last year?"

Me: "Yes, in September."

Dude: "I thought it was from your wild college days, because you don't look like the type who'd get a tattoo."

Me: Thinking "what does someone who would get a tattoo look like", but saying "I always said if I did an Ironman, I'd get the symbol tattooed on my forehead, but this was a good compromise."

Dude: "I bet your husband was happy about that decision."

Me: Thinking "of course, I wouldn't tattoo my forehead - I never thought I'd ever do an Ironman, so forehead tattoo didn't seem to be a possibility - who knew that I would do one", but saying "Yes, he was. After I did Ironman, I wanted to commemorate it by getting the tattoo, so I did."

And, I don't regret it at all. I like having a little ink. : )


I'm off to swim again now. My former coach and I had lunch the other day and she was surprised to hear how often I am swimming given that I'm not training for anything in particular and hate to swim. I figure you have to practice your limiters, right?

6 inches of snow on the ground on March 22 makes swimming seem more palatable than running or biking anyway. I miss Florida.


Blogger triguyjt said...

got on the 6 inches of snow, jen. my saturday long run became lots of rowing, treadmill, elliptical etc...

cool that you got a tattoo..but you earned that one for sure in doing the ironman....

i have been meaning to get cranking on the swimming...good for you that you are really hitting it even though, you don't have a race coming up....

just heard an avalanche on my roof...gotta go shovel what just came down on the driveway

1:36 PM

Blogger E-Speed said...

If it weren't for a little race called Boston I would so be in the pool with ya right now. I am OVER the snow!

5:16 PM

Blogger Charlie said...

I think your choice of tattoo position is a much better one then the forehead.
That would be unique.

11:12 AM

Blogger Mallie said...

You'd spend all your time explaining the tat if you'd gotten it on your forehead. So...probably a good choice! :)

12:36 PM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

But the forehead tat would have been least for a day!

I am with ya on missing FL weather!

8:11 AM

Blogger GP said...

I've said it before: if I finished Ironman, not only would I tattoo my forehead, I'd make my family and friends tattoo their foreheads too. Then there would be skywriting and cupcake banquets too.

It's something that should be broadcast: here comes the Iron[wo]man! And people should clear paths for you. It's a huge feat. You're like an astronaut.

9:03 AM

Blogger Running on Something said...

why would that guy think that was from your wild college days? how do you see an iron man tatoo and not totally understand why someone would have that? If i ever do an ironman i'd tattoo it on my butt, my forehead - heck i'd probably paint the logo on my car! I think the ironman tatoo is awesome!

9:50 AM


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