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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not so smart

So, I mentioned in my previous post about how sore my calves were. Do you think I'd be smart and take some days off running or at least take it easy on a run? Yah, I'm not that smart!

I went for a run Wednesday night with some CTC peeps. Steve Y. and Chuck were so nice to stay with me. About 15 minutes in, my left calf was a tight, painful knot. Did I turn around then? No, fearless readers, I did not. Instead, I did the whole 6.1 mile loop (at a slow 11:09 pace).

When I got home, I told Matt that I might have been stupid and risked injuring myself. He was kind enough to knead my calf muscle. It hurt so badly that I almost jumped off the couch while he was doing it, but I think it helped tremendously. The next morning was not so bad and now, I feel back to normal. I just wish I could go to my regular massage on June 2, but stupid work is making me cancel it! Oh well!

Now, I'm at work on a lovely Saturday. I should be working, but blogging seemed like a better idea. There is a Kenny Chesney concert at the Browns stadium today, so there are a ton of tailgaters in the muni lot. I was working on a weekend the last time he was in town too. I must be a glutton for punishment! : ) Ugh, country music! (No offense to you country lovers - just ain't my thang!)

I leave you with a photo taken by E-speed during the Cleveland half-marathon (I'm in the melon colored top and Browns stadium is behind me). This time, I smiled when she cheered unlike my pain mask from the marathon 2 years ago. Thanks E and Solar!!


Blogger tracie said...

glad to hear your leg is feeling better! take it easy lady, it is just the beginning of the summer! :)

3:25 PM

Blogger E-Speed said...

I'm at work taking a blogging break too. we could have carpooled :)

3:25 PM

Blogger triguyjt said...

Jen, heres hoping the calf muscle responds and your out burning up the paths soon...

Your own massage therapist??? Lucky lady!

6:36 PM

Blogger Steve Stenzel said...

I agree: ugh, country music...

9:15 PM


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