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Saturday, November 18, 2006


What is satisfaction? Mick Jagger sang that he couldn't get any. Like most subjective terms, "satisfaction" is whatever it means personally to you.

To me satisfaction is different than happiness. I can be satisfied with something and have no happy/sad emotions about it. However, I believe satisfaction to be a positive thing. Meeting expectations is still better than falling short of them.

Today, I volunteered at our third and final duathlon in the CTC's Fall 2006 duathlon series. Eight brave souls came out to compete in the 40 degree weather. Even better, nine brave souls came out to volunteer. I think everyone had a good time and would say they were satisfied with the experience. At least, I hope they were.

After the duathlon ended, I headed out on my bike with my pal, Sam B. She and I rode 1:45 together in the cold and then I headed out for the final 30 minutes of my assigned 2:15 ride. I can't say it was my most stellar performance. I averaged under 15 mph. But, it is only November 18, I got to hang and chat with my good friend and I was able to ride outside. After the ride, I took off for my 30 minute brick run. I don't know if it was the Ipod tunes or my fresh feeling legs, but I had a very good run off the bike. Yah, I averaged 10-minute miles, but I really haven't been able to pull that off in awhile. Overall, I'm satisfied with my performance.

Sam waited for me and we went for lunch at Fisher's Tavern. We both were craving chili (Sam is always craving chili - part of her charm) and we were not disappointed. Strangely enough, I was still hungry when I got home. I must have caught the parasite Jodi has. But, after a chocolate chip bagel leftover from the duathlon, I am quite satisfied.

I hope Liz and Lloyd are satisfied with their respective performances at the JFK 50-mile run today (I wish I knew how they did - Liz should be about done right now). I hope Suzi had a satisfactory run at the OSU/Michigan 5k challenge this afternoon (Go bucks!). Finally, I hope that Sara rocks the pants off of the Fall Classic half-marathon tomorrow morning. My friends, don't be like Mick, go get some satisfaction!


Blogger Samantha B said...

Chica--you are just too cool. I had a fantiasic time riding with you and eating a darn good bowl of chili afterwards.Looking forward to the year to come.

Now, go get some laundry done girl, geez! :)

6:11 PM

Blogger TriSaraTops said...

I SOOOOOOOO wanted to eat chili at my friend's place today watching the game...but I figured it PROBABLY is not the best pre-race meal. Sigh....

So fun to see you! And good news! E-SPEED RAN A 9:FREAKING23!!!!! She was very happy and blew her original goal outta the water!

9:52 PM

Blogger E-Speed said...

Thanks for thinking of me! I swear I have the best friends ever! Our run last Wed really set me in a good place going into the race, thank you for that!

8:41 PM

Blogger Jodi said...

Glad you had a good time at the DU! So sorry that I gave you my parasite. I didn't even know it was contagious. I wish I could tell you that it was just a 24 hour thing...



10:10 PM


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