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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm really fine

I must have seemed a little down in my posts lately, but I assure you that I'm doing just fine. This IT band stuff has been frustrating, but I know it will resolve itself eventually.

I discovered yesterday through on-line research that misalignment of legs, feet, etc. happens in the womb. I didn't do anything to cause this problem other than ramp up the mileage. My pre-existing bio mechanical issue had enough then. The orthotics should make things all better. I am running pretty much pain-free these days anyway from getting treatment, resting it and taking shorter runs. Before you know it, I'll be back up to 2 hour weekend runs. To tell you the truth, I like running, but it has been nice not having to run 1.5-2 hours every weekend. : )

On the swimming front, things are progressing nicely. Last night, I had a faster 3000 long straight swim than in previous weeks. This morning, I was a little tired at masters, but still banged out the 3500 yards in usual time.

On the biking front, I continue to post faster times and higher watts with lower heart rates. I definitely can't complain about that!

Overall, life is good: I'm going to my favorite yoga class with some of my favorite friends tomorrow night. My pal Sam J. bought me earrings that are small enough to wear while swimming and we proved it during our swim last night (I never wear earrings, because I don't want to take them off/put them on before/after workouts). Our triathlon club is having our annual holiday party on Friday and I can celebrate my pal Suzi's birthday with her then. I am still eating a square of dark chocolate every day and indulging in the occasional piece of pizza. My wonderful husband and I are about to celebrate our 2-year anniversary. Yes, life is good! I appreciate the kind words though!


Blogger Jodi said...

Now that is one reason I wish I had a computrainer. I have no idea how/if my cycling is progressing at all.

Great job with all your workouts! The running will come back... be careful what you wish for!



7:01 PM


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