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Monday, January 15, 2007

Yet another diagnosis

My IT band has been better since I saw the physical therapist, but it still isn't 100%. My LMT works for a D.C., so I took her advice finally and went to see him on Friday after work. (Edited to change his credentials to D.C. from D.O. - just found out from Kristen - am a little wary, but am hoping for the best)

He took some x-rays and hopefully I'll get to hear what they showed when I go back tonight. After the x-rays, he had me march in place and then stand still. Apparently, my right knee was obviously interiorly rotated. He then proceeded to tape up my foot to act like a temporary orthotic. I was instructed to get a run or two in with the taped foot and see how it went.

My Saturday morning workout called for a 30-minute run, 2 hour ride and 30-minute run. When I started the first run, I was amazed at how much stronger my right leg felt. I still felt a slight twinge here and there, but it is the best I've felt during a run in a long time.

Then, I hopped on the trainer for the 2-hour Computrainer ride through Lake Placid's hills. Matt assures me that the Computrainer is way harder than the actual course. Thank goodness, because some of those hills are a killer! I suppose it doesn't help that there is no such thing as a real downhill on a Computrainer. It is easier, but you still have to pedal. About an hour into the ride, my right calf started to threaten to cramp. I think it was due to the right foot being immobilized by the tape. I didn't want to take the tape off before the second run, so I prayed my way through the last hour. I made it thankfully! And, I averaged 16 mph, which is .5 mph faster than the last time I rode that course a month ago. But, I digress...

On the second run, I still felt good, tired from the first run and the bike, but good. Again, just a slight twinge of pain every now and then during the run. I took the tape off before my shower. Later, my knee was slightly sore, but the pain was manageable.

Yesterday, I hopped on the bike for 90 minutes (started at 4:50 AM in order to get it done, get clean and get to the Macedonia Rec Center to volunteer for the club's next indoor triathlon). After the indoor triathlon finished, Matt and I went to N. Chagrin for a quick run. I ran 40 minutes on the trail (which I love). My leg held up okay and was only slightly sore later.

Now, of course, I haven't run farther than 45 minutes at one time in the last month or so. We'll see what the doctor says tonight when I go back for the follow-up appointment. Hopefully, he'll be the last peg to get this IT band issue figured out. Of course, then he has to help me with my left foot pain. At least I've dealt with that kind of pain before. Wish me luck!


Blogger E-Speed said...

man I sure hope you get everything figured it. It sucks when all you want is to be healthy so you can train but you are never 100%

3:23 PM

Blogger Charlie said...

Good luck.
I know it has been frustrating for you.
It is still early and your bike and swim are really looking good in the USAT challege reports.

6:53 PM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

That is some dedication there with the 4:50 trainer ride! Ouch!

Best of luck with all these visits to the docs & dentists. Seems things always seem to all come at once. Hopefully all will subside soon!

7:43 PM

Blogger Jodi said...

I'm so glad that you're getting to the bottom of your knee pain. Hopefully the orthotics will do the trick! Keep us posted!

See you in the AM!


8:03 PM


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