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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Longest swim yet

Last night, I swam my longest swim yet (not by much, but still a new record). I went 3600 yards. Yes, I know for the swimmers out there that isn't a lot of distance, but for a girl who just learned how to swim in 2002, it is HUGE!

And, I did this swim in my gym's 20-yard pool, which equates to 90 laps (180 lengths). I remember when I used to think 5 laps in a 20-yard pool was both long and difficult! So, yes, I am proud of myself.

And, I did this swim alone in the evening. In the old days, I would have needed a buddy to get me into a pool in the evening (especially on a cold night), but Iron Jen can't really afford to recruit buddies for every workout. Again, proud!

I'm finding that chunking the long workouts into smaller manageable bites is working exceedingly well. On the long, straight swims, I don't think Ok, let's go for 60+ laps. Instead I think Just make it through 12 laps. It is amazing how well my brain handles that and before I know it, I am finished.

This morning, I tried that out on the bike trainer. Angela had assigned "out of the seat, climbing" intervals and they passed the time well, but after they were finished, I had to stay aero for 35 minutes. So, I kept changing gears and told myself to get through the next 3:20 instead. Again, before I knew it, I was finished.

I think this will serve me well not only on the boring, long indoor sessions, but also on Ironman day. Of course, I've never done an Ironman, but Matt says that it is all about patience and "living in the moment". TriSara just waxed poetic on that subject the other day and she is also an IM finisher. So, instead of thinking I have to get through the next 2.4 miles of swimming, I'll think get to the next buoy and instead of thinking about biking 112 or running 26.2, it will be get to the next aid station. I think I can handle that. Game on!


Blogger Charlie said...

Way to crank out the yardage. I will try the small bite method saturday during my planned long swim.

7:34 PM

Blogger Jodi said...

We did the same workouts last night!


Great job on the swimming!


8:26 PM

Blogger BuckeyeRunner said...

That is a long swim! I will right about my swim last night...just a measly 2500. Mr Buckeye

PS. do you know the when and where of the polar bear tri?

9:29 AM

Blogger E-Speed said...

I think you can handle that too!

9:35 AM


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