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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hanging with the "S" Ladies

Sorry it has been awhile since my last blog. Work is busy. I should be working now, but thought I'd get a quick blog in first while the office is still empty.

Apparently, I have a lot of friends whose first name begins with "S". I hung out with many (but not all) of them this past weekend.

Saturday night was my friend Stacey's wedding. She met her husband at a singles Valentine's Day party thrown by CTC member, Ben. She's not a triathlete, but she was always my wingman, so I talked her into going to the party with me so I could see Matt (we had our first date a few days earlier). She met Dave there and the rest is history. Isn't she a beautiful bride?

The friend who introduced me to Stacey was also at the wedding. People always think Steff and I are sisters (must be the pale skin, short stature and blonde hair). I think we might just let them keep believing that. What do you think?

A picture of Matt (debonair in his suit) and me at the wedding:

Matt took this picture of the back of my head, so I thought I'd share it to round out the haircut pictures:

For my birthday present, Stacey made me take home a bunch of roses:

On Sunday night, Suzi and Sam took me out to dinner at a local favorite restaurant of mine. Aren't they the cutest? (Suzi and I also get mistaken as sisters - lucky us!)

Not much to share in other news. I'm still working out once a day. The weather has turned cold literally overnight. Rainy too. Last night, I ran with the CTC group in the dark, rain and cold on the bridle trails of North Chagrin. It was an adventure!

That's about it for me. Better get back to work. Hope all is well in blogland!


Blogger E-Speed said...

OMG you look so cute in the wedding photos! The hair and dress look awesome!

9:21 AM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Look at you looking hot in your lil dress at that wedding!!! There are a lot of S's in your world!

10:09 AM

Blogger Papa Louie said...

my vote in the sister look alike would be you and suzi. Looks like you're having fun with all your "S" friends.

8:17 PM


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