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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


If it weren't bad enough that I had to sit through meetings all day, I also contracted a cold with symptoms showing around 4-5 PM yesterday.

Usually, I can fool myself into thinking I'm not getting sick, do a good, hard workout and it goes away.

Unfortunately, this cold snuck up on me and hit with full gale force. I barely slept last night, because my raw throat kept waking me up - so much for feeling no pain when you are unconscious.

But, on the bright side, at least it is happening now instead of 2 weeks from now. Why, you ask? Because, Matt and I are going to Hawaii for 2 weeks on October 31. Wahoo! It will be my first time ever there and I hear it is wonderful. We'll be visiting Oahu for 3 days, big island for 4 days and Kauai for 7 days.

Speaking of Wahoo, the tribe won their 2nd game against the BoSox last night. Just 2 more and we are on to the World Series! We were there before 10 years ago, but the win has escaped us. I'm hopeful that this is Cleveland's year to shine (we did go to the NBA finals this year too). Go Tribe!