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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The NYR Gang

I recently joined a new gym. It is the Cleveland State University Recreation Center. When I found out that they accepted members from the general public, I jumped at the chance. It is a brand new facility with nice equipment and an Olympic size pool (sometimes it is set for 50 meter long course, but right now it is at 25 yards which is fine with me).

When I joined at the end of November, I noticed how few people were there in the morning - great for me - no worries of hogging a treadmill. Now though, the dreaded NYR crowd has infiltrated. Luckily, the facility is large enough to accommodate this influx and still allow me access to a treadmill, but it isn't as quiet as it was. Well, we'll see how long they last. Typically, by mid-February I can expect to have the place back to the regulars.

My former gym, Cleveland Athletic Club, went bankrupt at the end of 2007, so a lot of the new CSU members are from there. That's okay though, because many of them are my old pals from the CAC. It's nice to see them again on a regular basis.

In other news, work is still busy, but I haven't worked past 8 PM in a week. I'm hopeful that the trend will continue. My brand new client was very happy with our work, which makes the long hours seem worth it. We really busted our butts to make sure we delivered a quality project earlier (gasp) than promised. They are really nice people though, so we didn't mind as much.

Okay, better get back to it. Hope all is well in blogland!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Iron Worker

As I write this, I am still sitting at the same computer desk that I've been at since 7:30 AM. I think, "I'm not cut out for this." But, then I remember that I'm an Ironman.

I left my house at 7 AM, moved non-stop all day while shoveling easy to eat food along the way. At 10:53 PM, I thought "wow, I've been at this longer than my Ironman took." I should have brought some CLIF blocks.

I guess I should feel lucky that this crazy work schedule is happening this year instead of last year. Getting home at midnight from work though isn't nearly as fun as getting home from Ironman at midnight.

Just a few more weeks of this though. I can get through this.