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Sunday, December 20, 2009


One of my mottos is "a day without snow is another day closer to Spring". I still hold that view, but now it gets the added "a day without snow is another day closer to my son's birth!" I start the third trimester tomorrow, so just one season left till I actually get to meet him on the outside!

Well, we've not had as much snow as usual and certainly not as much as the east coast received, but we did get a couple inches on Saturday. Luckily, it didn't make the trail surface slippery, so I was able to get a good 3 mile walk in with Sara and Bridget on Saturday on the Mastick bridle trails and a nice 3.4 mile run with Bridget on Sunday on the Towpath (I talked her into it after Suzi had to cancel - thanks Bridget!). I have a feeling my running days are numbered, because my luck with running surface being okay isn't going to hold and it is just too hot in the gym to run on the treadmill.

In other news, the mister and I had date night last night. We checked out a new to me restaurant on Chagrin Blvd. called Paladar. The pulled pork was sweet and yummy, but the churros had a little too much cinnamon on them. Here is a picture of me actually in a dress and pantyhose from last night.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Reindeer Run 5k and pumpkin pancakes!

It's crazy, but I'm posting another race report! Yesterday morning, I "ran" the Reindeer Run 5k with a bunch of good friends.

The morning was the chilliest I've run in for a long time. It was about 30 degrees at race start. Luckily, I can still find some running clothes that fit. Here is a belly picture for those who love them (sorry if you don't love them) of me in my running tights and XL(!) sports bra.

I picked up e-Speed on the way to the race. She went on to not only win the race, but had a huge 5k PR. That's why we call her speedy! Congrats E!

There were 5 pregnant gals running the race. Sara made us all cute signs to wear on our backs during the race. See pictures below. Salty is about 11 weeks and she still placed well into the top 3rd of the group! EM is about 21 weeks and she finished faster than my PR. Of course, Salty and EM are way fast when they are not pregnant. Bridget (25 weeks), Sara (30 weeks) and I (25 weeks) ran together with Bridget's hubby Steve. I think all of us thought we'd be happy with 45 minutes.

As is typical these days, my shins were just killing me till about mile 2.8. Otherwise, I felt great. I wasn't the only one, because we came in at 38:53, which is about 12:30 pace per mile. Not too shabby! Sara even picked up the pace in the last .1 miles and got a huge preggo PR!

We then went out to the Original House of Pancakes for some yummy pancakes. The other two in our group also had great days - MN almost PR'd and CV won her age group! Oh, and can I tell you that pumpkin pancakes are most delicious?! Sara picks the best breakfast places!

That is the last close 5k for awhile. Bridget and I are talking about doing the Chili Bowl in February. By then, running is probably out, but we'll see!

Me with my cute sign!

Sara and me with our signs

Sara and me from the front

The whole group of runner girls plus 5 baby bumps

Friday, December 04, 2009

Personal Worst or Personal Best?!!

I can't believe it but I actually have a race report to write. On Thanksgiving, I participated in my 8th Cleveland Turkey Trot. It was a personal worst as a runner, but a personal best as a pregnant lady.

The day dawned rainy and cool, but by the time we got out there, it was sunny and mild. Uh oh, we all overdressed! I had an entourage accompany me for the race. My husband and sister-in-law paced me and we had fellow preggo, Bridget and her husband Steve join us.

Bridget and I recalled that the course went past the Muni lot, so porta potties should be available. Unfortunately, they changed the course this year and we never went past the Muni lot. Doh! Instead, we got to see such sights as The Crazy Horse and Bada Bing Gentleman's Club!

Along the way, Bridget and I eyed parking lots and buildings to see if any would serve as a makeshift potty. None ever seemed right, so we sucked it up till the end. The pregnant bladder is nothing to mess with, but we are "in the trimester of well being", so the babies weren't too uncooperative.

We took a few walk breaks along the way and my shins didn't warm up till mile 3, but I knew we'd make the full 5 miles. It was just so nice to chat with everyone along the way. Seriously, I think I like these kind of races better than trying to race for time.

Eventually, we hit the finish line in 1:06:30 or so. Bridget and I joked that we were going to push each other out of the way in the attempt to be the first across the line, but we ending crossing together.

All in all, it was a great morning for a run and I'm really glad I got out there to do it with such fabulous company!

Next up is the Reindeer Run 5k this weekend with a bunch of runner friends, including 4 other preggos. Good times and great pancakes ahead!

Me during the Trot (why don't I look pregnant in this shot?)

Matt, Maggie and me at the end

Maggie, Bridget and me climbing the dreaded W. 3 hill

My entourage minus Matt (the photographer)

Bridget and me crossing together