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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prenatal Yoga

This may sound weird, but while I am okay with still running, swimming, biking (stationary) and lifting weights, I'd been concerned about yoga. I guess I know how to back off on the former activities (just go slower or easier), but there are poses in yoga you just shouldn't do while pregnant.

I've still been going to my regular yoga class (sporadically) though since the beginning of the 2nd trimester. I've just tried to listen to my body. Plus, it is nice to spend time with E-speed.

On Saturday, Bridget and I tried a prenatal yoga class in downtown Willoughby. It was her first yoga class ever and I think she liked it. She's due two days after me and it is so nice to get to share experiences with her. We even have run together a couple times (including that morning) with nice hearty breakfasts afterwards (my kind of girl!) Anyway, I digress.

This class was pretty cool. I never worried about overdoing it and there was Savasana at the beginning and end of class. I left there feeling relaxed and with less aches than when I came in. I hope I can keep going.

I'll leave you with an updated picture of the bump. It was taken today when my friend Sam, her daughter and I went to see Planet 51. Wouldn't recommend the movie.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


I'm officially halfway in the pregnancy. We found out on Thursday that we are having a boy! So far, he is growing exactly on schedule!

We went to Italy from October 14 through October 23. Here is a 2-minute video of some of the pictures we took.

We had a very nice time, but it is always good to be home.

I didn't officially exercise in Italy, but we did walk a lot. This week, I got back on the wagon. Yesterday, I met a group of my runner friends. There were supposed to be 3 other pregnant ladies there, but unfortunately they were ill or the weather wasn't worth the drive. Luckily, I ran into TriGuyJT, so had a running partner for about 20 minutes. I ran my longest distance in a couple months, 4 miles, in 53 minutes. Not fast, but am still getting it done. I think I may be able to do the 5-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.

Here is a picture of the group before our run. I'm definitely the round one! : )