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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Glorious weekend!

This weekend was beyond lovely - the weather, the company, the plans etc.

It started out with dinner and a movie (Sex in the City) with 5 of my girlfriends on Friday night. While Hoggy's would not be a restaurant on the SIC girls' list of faves, it hit the spot. The movie was predictable, but highly entertaining!

Saturday morning at 6:30 AM I met Sam for a 2:20 run at N. Chagrin. We ran the trails strong and while not fast, we had a great time. A total of 12.15 strong miles on muddy trails with a good friend rocks!

Saturday night, Matt and I went to a Lake County Captains game. We've lived in Lake County for almost 3 years, but this is the first game we've been to. It's a nice stadium. The baseball players are not as good as I'm used to seeing, but we got to see them up close and personal. $9 a piece and we were 2 rows back from 3rd base - watch out for line drive foul balls! Can't say we ate the healthiest, but we had a nice time.

Then, this morning, Sam, Joe (her husband), Matt and I headed out for a bike ride. Matt turned around after an hour or so and we lost Joe several times (he was faster than us, but sometimes took wrong turns or didn't turn around as expected - he did manage to find us with 15 minutes left in the ride). Before that though, we got passed by a fat, old man on a road bike with hybrid handlebars. I'd like to say that it was only because we were going downhill and he was heavier than us, but he stayed away after the pass. My ego got the best of me for awhile as I tried to catch him. I tried to rationalize that I was at the end of a 4:15 ride (63 miles), but it still hurt. : 0

After the ride, the three of us headed out for a 40-minute run. Sam and I had a great run and found our legs fairly quickly. I guess two weeks of lower mileage makes you stronger/fresher. Overall, I just felt so good for the whole workout!

Sam is heading towards more mileage over the next several weeks as she does her final build towards Ironman. Looks like I'll be along for the ride as well. Good times!


Blogger triguyjt said... was a fantastic weekend....never mind i was working...but it was still great weather...good times....

happy training

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