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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Flip turns!

So, in my last post, I committed to learning how to flip turn. I started off with my two swims last week, where I just waited until the end of the workout to practice a few flips.

Today, I thought "the only way I'm going to learn how to do this is to actually do it while I'm swimming during the workout". The first few were pretty rough, but after awhile I started getting used to it. Now, I seem to have found the right spot to flip to get my feet on the wall, but haven't figured out how to rotate onto my stomach after I push off. Baby steps, right?

I wish I had gotten this desire to learn how to flip turn when the pool was set up for 25 yards. Now, with the 50 meter setup, I don't get as many chances. And, until the last few, I was afraid to try flipping in the deep end, but I seem to have gotten over that.

After spending time with my friend from high school last week, I realized that I was really letting my mind get in the way for both flip turning and my speed in the pool. She only learned to swim a couple years ago and she can hold 1:30 for 100s (I'm a happy girl if I make 2:00 let alone hold it) and she flips. She never told herself that she'd be slow because she learned to swim as an adult or that she couldn't flip turn because she learned as an adult. I'm going to use her as inspiration to push myself further. Oh, and that goes for the bike and run too. Swim, bike and are on notice! : )


Blogger Mnowac said...

Good luck! I cannot flip turn either. I can't get around the water raging up my nose. What do you do, make sure to blow out when you start the flip?

11:23 AM

Blogger JenC said...

You blow out of your nose the entire time you are flipping. I can't say I was always successful, but the few times I was rocked!

12:11 PM

Blogger triguyjt said...

got no dolphin in me....

can't do the flip turn,..

4:35 PM


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