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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can't wait for the cold to go away!

I love that is so sunny these last few days, but am not liking the frigid temperatures.

Last week, I ran downtown at lunch with Salty, Daisy and e-Speed on a fabulous 50 degree day. I way overdressed, but after some peeling and panting, I was all set to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Yesterday was a different story. It was less than 20 degrees and much worse with the wind chill. However, I managed to dress appropriately enough that only my upper thighs were bright red and itchy as all hell after I finished. The same ladies as last week dragged me up a couple whopper hills and I surprised myself by making it to the top of all of them without stopping, not even to pause at the top to catch my breath. Feeling pretty strong right now. I even ran a monster hill at N. Chagrin without stopping until the top on Saturday morning. I appreciate the downtown ladies slowing down to include me - I go on their easy days and it is a tempo like run for me, which is making me stronger, faster, etc.

Today, my age is starting to show. My lower back aches from yesterday's run and I'm getting crotchety about the weather. Can't wait till the 50 degree days expected later this week! I'm tired of being cold!


Blogger Matt Collister said...

you're young!

8:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it was 50 degrees when I went for my walk on the beach this morning. Expected to get up into the 70's today. Lots of sun, too.
So we'll save those 70's and sun for when you come down here. BTW the pool is heated, as is the hot tub!

10:27 AM


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