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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catching a Leprechaun

Last weekend, at two weeks before our due dates, Bridget and I did the Catch a Leprechaun 5k in Lorain, OH. Earlier in the week, we signed up in order to guarantee a race shirt. Bridget texted me "Thinking about signing up as an Athena." I texted back "That's what I did". Her response "Seriously? I was joking, but okay."

I thought it was our best chance to medal. The race isn't very well attended, but there were plenty of people in our respective age groups.

We lined up in back and without speaking about it, starting trotting together instead of walking (our original plan). Neither of us had run in about 8 weeks. After 0.5 mile, we took a 0.25 mile walk break. Then, we started running again. Towards the end of that 0.5 mile, we saw all of our friends and family coming back from the out and back section. They cheered for us and we felt like rock stars. We took another 0.25 mile walk break, ran another 0.5 mile, another 0.25 mile walk break and then ran the last 0.85 miles. Other than some shin pain for the first couple miles, I felt great the whole time!

We finished as #1 and #2 in the division (there was actually a #3, but she walked the race with her daughter) in a time of 44:43. It was way faster than I had even hoped. Getting a medal just made it all the sweeter!

Here are a couple pictures of us (one before the race and one after with our medals):

After the race, we picked up bagels and headed to see TriSara to visit with her and her adorable new daughter! What a cutie!

Bridget and I thought about doing the St. Malachi 2-mile walk today, but the weather was just too unfavorable for a walk. The countdown is on to get to meet my son and her daughter. Wish for us that we don't go too late!


Blogger KimZepp said...

That's awesome Jen (and Bridget)! What great pregnant ladies you are. :-) Your children are going to be so lucky to have you.

7:08 PM

Blogger allanjel said...

Oh, for heavens sake!!! Just get it over with and deliver those babies! I will be in OB on Wednesday from 7:00-5:30 delivering babies at Summa. I am sure we will take walk-ins :)

Nice Job on the 5k!

1:33 AM

Anonymous Carmen said...

I love this! Make sure to put your race number and medal in baby's memory box so they will have a momento from their first race :)

6:23 AM


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