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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Officially Lost My Mind

So, my triathlon club is having a swim challenge on Sunday morning. The lowest distance is 25 x 100 yards, so I just wrote it off as not doable. But, then I talked to the fitness director at my gym (where the swim challenge will take place) and she said "C'mon, you have 4 hours to do it." Well, I thought I'd gauge the interest of fellow preggo, Bridget (due 2 days after me), because we were going to swim there that morning anyway (although we usually only go 1200-1300). She's up for it, so we are now signed up. I have officially lost my mind doing this at 36 weeks pregnant, but I can always bail if I don't feel good, right? I'll definitely earn those pancakes this Sunday!

I promised Matt that I would talk to my doctor about it tomorrow when I go in for my first weekly visit. I don't suspect he'll be a problem though. He thinks it is great that I'm so active. Wish me luck!

I'll leave you with two pictures of the bump at 35 weeks. One offers a unique perspective (and also explains why I've lost sight of my feet) and the other is me in my dead sexy maternity suit.


Blogger ShirlingtonCircle said...

I was reading through a bunch of blogs and came across wife is also 32+ weeks pregnant. We are both beginner triathletes. She's gone through many of the same issues as you have.

1:32 AM


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