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Monday, March 22, 2010

The due date has now officially passed

No baby yet. Probably not too surprising. Babies show up on their due date 3-5% of the time. We'll just continue to be patient and he'll show up when he's supposed to show up.

On Saturday morning, I had a lovely 2.5 mile walk with BS and EM on the Towpath followed by a scrumptious breakfast at Fishers. Hopefully, the next time we go for a walk there, it will be with the strollers.

Yesterday, Matt and I went for a 1-mile walk at the park near our house. It was a little colder/windier today, but still nice to get out and not feel like such a bump on the log. There isn't much to do around the house (especially with my husband man nesting), so I'm catching up on DVR'd shows and reading books. Not such a bad gig.

This afternoon, I'll meet BS again for a mall walk (weather isn't as cooperative today) and a pedicure. Nothing like pretty toes during labor, right?! : )

I will keep you all posted. In the meantime, here are some new pictures:

Latest "bump" picture

Me sitting on playground equipment telling our son that he can't play on it till he comes out

Matt and me on our walk

Bonus picture from my 4th grade class (I'm easily spotted)


Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Hope Baby C comes in super easy for you! Thinking about you girl and wishing you all the best!

9:26 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Ha- you sure are easy to spot :)

Best of luck for the next few days- can't wait to meet Baby C!

9:02 PM

Blogger ramblings of a runnner said...

and we wait...and wait... and wait... ugh :)

10:23 AM

Anonymous Carmen said...

I went over with my first and it totally stinks. Hang in there!

6:22 AM

Blogger allanjel said...

We consider completion of 37 weeks term per the textbook, but lots of studies are showing that completion of 38 weeks is becoming the new standard for reduction in comlications with newborns.

Be patient, have faith your son is training a little bit longer in there to take on the world full throttle :)

12:42 PM


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