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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby C

So, 15 days ago, I gave birth to William David on March 31. He was 7 pounds, 7 oz. and was 20.5" long. It was a rough delivery which included 3 hours of pushing, but he's totally worth it.

My doctor said I had no exercise restrictions other than not swimming for 6 weeks, but should listen to my body. I was out walking 5 days after he was born and I'm up to 1.5 miles. Body says to take it easy though. I think I'll wait a few more weeks till I try running.

Today, my preggo workout buddies, Bridget and Sara are visiting with their baby girls (future dating prospects for Will). Bridget and I had our babies within 1.25 hours of each other. We texted throughout the day and both delivered happy, healthy babies! How cool is that?!

Here is a picture of Will taken 10 minutes ago. : )


Blogger E-Speed said...

Great job Jen, he is a cutie! And 7 pounds 7 oz sounds like a lucky weight to me, this kid is going to have a great life with you and Matt!

11:37 AM

Blogger KimZepp said...

He's sooo cute! I'm so happy for you and Matt. It's also really neat that you and Bridget had the babies so close together. :)

2:33 PM

Blogger Sara said...

He is even cuter in person if that is even POSSIBLE! :)

So glad I got to meet him and see you guys today. He's so sweet! You look fabulous! Can't wait to see you guys again.

6:48 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Congratulations! It seems "right" that you and Bridget delivered on the same day!

12:57 PM

Blogger allanjel said...

Congratulations Jen!! Does he have a onsie that says "HTFU" yet?? :)

3:50 PM

Blogger ramblings of a runnner said...

uh oh I hope addy and emery don't get into fights over William someday!!! We could have drama on our hands with a good looking little guy like that!

3:09 PM


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