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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Not long now

Well, my little guy is a month old now and he's growing like a weed! The sleep deprivation gets to me at times, but he is totally worth it!

I am chomping at the bit to do some real exercise. I've mostly been walking, but have lifted weights twice and rode the trainer once. That trainer ride was humbling. I wonder how running will go. Less than 2 weeks left till I can find out! Maybe then, these last 15 pounds will start to melt. Wish me luck!


Blogger Jennifer P said...

Time flies! Congratulations!

10:12 PM

Blogger Sara said...

agggggggggggghhhhhhh cuteness overload! LOVE the pics.

You're doing great! Hang in there--you'll be up and running in no time. And, OMG, I can't believe you got on your trainer already. You are one brave soul! :)

4:22 PM

Blogger KimZepp said...

Awww. Yes, he is adorable!
I'm sure those last few lbs will melt off before you know it!

7:53 PM


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