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Friday, January 19, 2007

Recovery week, recovery week...

Recovery week, recovery week, wherefore art thou, recovery week?!

I'm starting to feel a need for a recovery week. I'm sore and tired. Yoga with Sara and E last night was wonderful, but I got to bed later than intended. This morning, at swimming, my butt was just dragging. I couldn't make any interval in a decent time and my arms felt dead. It didn't help that I couldn't kick with fins on. My chiropractor wrapped my feet in tape on Wednesday night prior to my 50-minute run. The right foot was fine, but the left lost quite a bit of surface skin (sorry Steve for showing that to you so early in the morning). It is healing well, but not well enough to allow me to wear fins. I'm interested to see how my run this evening goes. Lots of lube will be applied! But, I digress. I was supposed to swim 3500 yards, but I only made it 3300 in the time I had available. Oh well. I'm certainly not going to dwell on that!

So, the coach assures me that next week is a recovery week. She only posted the first three days of the week so far. Tuesday morning swim is 600 yards longer than last week. Tuesday evening ride is the same length, although at zone 1 instead of zone 1-2. Wednesday morning swim is the same distance. Wednesday night run is 5 minutes shorter. doesn't seem like a recovery week. Maybe the following days will be lighter. We'll see.

Last year, a recovery week was obvious, but I swear I haven't seen one since I started training in November. Must be subtle recovery weeks. So far, I haven't suffered and have in fact, improved. As always, I put my total faith in Angela.

On an unrelated topic, it was so nice to get back to Yoga class last night. Sara, E and E's co-worker went with me to Buck's class. I haven't seen him since March. I used to go every week consistently for the prior 2-3 years. Bad Jen! Buck said he could tell I've been practicing, because I was more flexible than I used to be. Twice daily stretching (including some Yoga asanas) has helped tremendously. It didn't hurt that it was evening, because I'm more flexible then. It seemed that the gals liked the class, so hopefully we'll make this a regular thing.


Blogger Samantha B said...

Hey Jen! I have a recovery week this week and it's the same except the bike is zone 1, not 2 and I'm not doing drills on the bike or brick. Running is the same.

Glad you enjoyed yoga! I thought you were going downtown, not the Ohio City. I enjoyed that as well and may be able to join you since I just do weights! Let me know the time!

Have fun tonight! Wish I could make it!

12:50 PM

Anonymous kristenb said...

I feel your pain on the exhausted thing. My legs felt like lead in my step class this morning.
Yikes, on the foot front! That darn doctor. You sure you still don't want me to read him the riot act??? :)

1:45 PM

Blogger Jodi said...

I have definitely noticed the recovery weeks are still pretty high volume. I'm happy with it, though because I don't feel like I lose too much ground. Keep your eye on the prize!



2:03 PM


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