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Sunday, February 24, 2008

7 Random Things

I've been tagged by Tracie to list 7 random things about myself, so here goes:

1. My parents split up when I was 8 and my brother was 6. My mom remarried first when I was 10 - he had a son and daughter that were already out of the house. My dad remarried next when I was 12 - she had a daughter and son about my brother's and my age respectively. Later, dad and step-mom had a son together. So, that makes my siblings equal to 2 step-brothers, 2 step-sisters, 1 brother and 1 half-brother. Talk about your non-traditional family! Over the years, we have all grown apart, except my brother and me who will always be close.

2. Before my parents split up, we were living in Wiesbaden, Germany, because my father was in the Army. Mom, Dave and I moved to Canton, OH after the split. My dad, his new wife and kids moved back to Germany when I was 13. They are all now in Huntsville, AL. Dave and Mom are still in Canton.

3. My husband and I have been living in our house in Willoughby for 2.5 years and have done absolutely no redecorating since we moved in. With IronMan behind us and me getting some more sleep, I think that is about to change.

4. We have two cats - Jack and Shadow. One is a momma's girl (Jack) who loves sitting on my lap and the other (Shadow) is standoffish to everyone. However, the standoffish gal is sitting next to me right now. Makes me feel good.

5. I'm a huge super hero comics fan. I own most of the movies made from Marvel comic heroes. When I was a little girl, I would pretend to be Scarlet Witch when we'd play Avengers. Scarlet Witch could control probabilities. I wonder if that preference foretold my future profession as a math geek.

6. I didn't eat broccoli until I was 29, brussel sprouts until 31 and cauliflower until 32. Corn, carrots and potatoes were really the only vegetables I liked. Now, I'm happy to eat most vegetables (still like them cooked better than raw) and I'll try anything at least once.

7. It is fun week at work next week. We get to play videogames, cardgames and eat catered lunch every day! I love fun week!

I never forward e-mails, so I shan't be tagging anyone (however, feel free to join in on the fun if you'd like to be tagged).


Blogger Steve Stenzel said...

Veggies are the enemy! I still don't eat them!!!

3:00 PM

Blogger tracie said...

hmmm, when i was little i used be princess allura from voltron.....i'm not a princess today though, so at least one of our play scenarios came partly true ;)

thanks for playing along! :)

9:49 PM

Blogger GP said...

I don't think it would be mentally or physically possible to balance IM and interior design. Maybe I'm just lazy... but I think they both take their toll and should be done with respective care. I applaud your honesty.

And I have to know: when you finally had broccoli, did you feel like you had been missing out? I love the stuff, but it might just be me.

You know, I should have checked before I picked my taggees... but you're list o'seven will fulfill my tagging requirements!

4:01 PM


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