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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Changing perspective

Like everyone else in the U.S.A., I am not loving the high gas prices. However, it is making me change my perspective on driving places, especially now that the weather is so nice.

For example, I have been doing my long rides right out of my house instead of driving somewhere to start my ride. There is only a short section that puts me in contact with a lot of traffic, but I was too chicken to attempt it before. Now, I feel liberated!

Today, I want to get a swim in. Instead of driving to the pool, I'm going to bike there. It is about 10 miles away. No big deal, right? Now, I just have to get my hungover ass off the couch. Me thinks the 4th drink (2nd chocolate martini after having had a 16 oz. porter, glass of white wine and of course, the 1st chocolate martini) was a bad idea. : ) It was fun though!


Blogger Runner Susan said...

It sure sounds fun!!

10:17 AM

Blogger Jodi said...

I'm totally with you! I just moved somewhere where I can walk to the grocery, movie theater, drug store, and even work if I'm ambitious. I never drive to ride anymore either. It's wonderful. There are a lot of days that the car never leaves the garage!

12:57 PM

Blogger Matt Collister said...

Beer before liquor, never sicker!

2:47 PM

Blogger Steve Stenzel said...

Ha. You got drunk.

I've been meaning to get more rides like that in. After the tri this next weekend, I want to bike to work more. It's only smart....

6:27 PM

Blogger DaisyDuc said...

I wish I was not so far out in the boonies so rising the bicycle places was more of an option.

10:14 AM

Blogger TrainingtoTri said...

You and me both. I love being able to ride and run right out my front door. And I really should ride to the pool, it's only 4 miles away! Think I will tonight! Mmmm choco tini!

1:09 PM

Blogger Mallie said...

I've been running the roads, rather than the trails for that very reason. It hurts to put gas in the car at these rates. I'm working on ways to ride more of my route to bike rides, if not all of the way, but it's hard in the heat in a not-so bike friendly city.

8:09 AM

Blogger triguyjt said...

Been using the bike more for some routine stuff//

need to bike to the park more for my runs... i just don't like running on sidewalks--streets...that much...

way to get that hungover butt in gear

2:11 PM


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