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Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, Matt and I are living it up in Lake Placid right now.

We got in last night around 5 PM. We thought, "Let's go for a run to stretch out our legs after 9 hours of driving". So, off we went for a short jog around Mirror Lake. My knee decided around mile 2.6 that it wasn't very happy with my sudden movement after sitting so long, so I walked most of the way back after that. Good news is that it feels fine today.

We walked to dinner where we indulged in some beer. I couldn't do that as a participant in the race. It is kind of nice being here without worrying about me racing or even Matt racing. We even stopped by Placid Planet Bicycles, where I ogled the Cervelo P2C. Definitely drooling for that bike.

This morning we went for a swim on the course. It was our first open water swim of the season. I didn't do so well. I mean, I did feel okay in my wet suit, didn't freak out without lane lanes and remembered how to sight, but I was so slow and as usual I got off course going out. I did a decent job coming back, but by the time I got back to shore, it had taken me 50 minutes. That is slower than my Ironman average last year for 2 loops. Oh well!

Then, we headed out for a run. I went along some of the run course, while Matt did the Mirror Lake loop again. It was a tad humid to say the least, but overall a good 4.5 mile run.

Around 1 PM, we headed to the Ironman village to make signs for Sam & Joe and to do some shopping. While in the sign tent, the sky opened and poured down rain (and hail according to Sam & Joe). We were delayed a little, but thankfully dry. Then, off to the Ironman tent to spend hard earned dollars on more Ironman logo'd stuff that I don't need. I can't help myself.

Now, we are in a coffee shop on a balcony overlooking the swim course enjoying a smoothie. Good times for sure! I love VACATION!!

What's on tap for tomorrow? The mister and I are riding the course backwards, diverting to climb the 8 miles up Whiteface Mountain and then finishing the course backwards minus the Hazelton out and back. Should be quite the adventure.


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