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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jack the Guard Cat

My cat, Jack, is incredibly neurotic and I swear she was a dog in another life. For example, she waits outside the door for me and greets me right away in the morning. She howls when I'm in a room that she can't get in. Once she gives up howling, she'll sit down and wait until I come out.

For some reason, she doesn't like to be seen by any people besides Matt and me. She's been that way her whole life even though she's never been treated with anything but kindness. So, whenever someone pulls in the driveway or comes up to the door, she growls. Now, I don't think she is growling, because she is worried about me, but instead is worried about herself.

This morning at 4:50 AM, I hear her growling in the front of the house. I go to see what is up and there are about 8 deer walking through our front yard (not a common sight in my neighborhood). For the next 30 minutes, even after they were gone, she walked around the house growling with her fur standing at attention and her tail all fluffed out. I think she was saying "Mom, why aren't you doing something about these interlopers?" Eventually, she did calm down.

What a funny cat! Now, if I could only get her to stop throwing up her food, then she'd be the ideal kitty.


Blogger E-Speed said...

we have to buy Monte the science diet sensitive tummy food because he would throw up a lot. He still does occasionally but only if he feels he has gone too long without food and he has to make up for it by eating large quantities. I swear cats are little aliens!

11:24 AM

Anonymous kristenb said...

I think Sookie was a human baby in a previous life. She likes to be cradled in my arms like a baby. And, there are many times when I have to walk around the house holding her because if I try to put her down she just starts climbing up my leg to come back up. I do love her neediness though.

1:03 PM

Blogger Samantha B said...

I miss my little Lucy! She was a great cat and I had her since I was 12. She was also a one person cat and didn't like Dan when he first came to live with me, but soon warmed up to him and became a 2 person cat. However, one day, Dan and I were joking around and he was tickling me (honestly, that was it!). Apparently Lucy thought mom was in danger and she ran up and bit Dan's toe! I thought it was hysterical!

Gotta love cats!

8:26 AM

Blogger Jodi said...

That is so cute! It must have been really amazing to see that many huge animals in the back yard. A nice perk of living farther east!

I bet your cat and my dog would get long well. I think my dog was a cat in a past life...



9:00 AM


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